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Drapery | Upholstery | Bedding | Floor Coverings

We work with both local and national manufacturers to create the details that make any space reflect the signature of the customer. We spend hours pouring over samples to find just the right blend of aesthetic style and functionality before choosing any type of fabric.


Livings Rooms | Dining Rooms | Bedrooms

What makes a room? How it welcomes you, how you feel when you’re in it and how experiences shared within it call you back time and again. The Furnishings that you choose to dawn your most important living spaces say everything about who you are and the people you let into your life. Let us help you define, welcome and celebrate your home with a style unique as you.


Furniture | flora | Accessories

So much of life in Los Cabos happens outside. Your outdoor living space should not only reflect your everyday lifestyle, but a lifestyle filled with private and social moments. A life dashed with an abundance of tasteful flora, spaces to lounge, perhaps to fall asleep with a great book and glass of rose.


Ambient | intimate | highlights

So much of the world we will design together depends on fantastic lighting. Whether you’re trying to draw attention to a beautiful work of art, or simply create a space to inspire memorable conversations, our team has years of experience creating the perfect ambience.

Ticia Alvarez Interior Design Services

My Style.


“I’ve never been overwhelmed by the size or demand of a project. I guess it’s because of how I think; project administration first – design second. I think it’s a mistake to jump right into telling a client what they want to hear – I can wait until the end of a project for my client to smile.”